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Name: Pure Aesthetics – Gainesville
Display name: Pure Aesthetics – Gainesville
Mission: Pure Aesthetics® provides tailored treatments, aesthetic mentoring, and ongoing education that turn each client’s needs and goals into tangible results.

Plan your appointment today, and let the Pure Aesthetics® team – Renew Beautiful You®.

Medical director: Gregory C. Gaines, MD

Website: https://www.pureaestheticsgainesville.com/

Office hours: Mon: 8:30am – 7:00pm
Tue: 8:30am – 7:00pm
Wed: 8:30am – 7:00pm
Thu: 8:30am – 7:00pm
Fri: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Phone: (352) 290-2855
Twilio phone: (352) 290-2855
Address: 217 NW 76th Dr., Gainesville, Florida, USA, 32607
City: Gainesville
State: Florida
Country code: US
Postal code: 32607
Phone: +13523327873
Country: USA
GPS coordinates on map: 29.6544957,-82.4236864

  • Restylane Silk
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Skin Lightening
  • Botox
  • Dysport
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Restylane
  • Sculptra
  • Volbella
  • Vollure
  • Voluma
  • YAG Laser
  • Latisse
  • Morpheus8
  • Thread Lift
  • Glo2Facial
  • Electrolysis
  • Facial
  • Glycolic Peel
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Microneedling
  • VI Peel
  • CoolSculpting
  • Chemical Peel
  • TCA Peel
  • Skin Tightening
  • EndyMed 3Deep
  • LED Light Therapy
  • Salicylic Peel
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Kybella

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Medical director: Gregory C. Gaines, MD

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Pure Aesthetics - Gainesville


Gregory C. Gaines, MD

Name: Gregory C. Gaines, MD
Statement: Dr. Gaines is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Florida, providing a comprehensive range of cosmetic treatments, he specializes in breast augmentation, tummy tucks, facelifts, fat grafts, and hair restoration.
Began aesthetic medicine in: 2004
Rating: 5.0


Carissa Blaser

Name: Carissa Blaser
Position: Business Owner
Biography: Our owner, Carissa Blaser, has more than 20 years of combined experience in dermatology and aesthetics. She was the first CoolSculpting technician in Gainesville, and is a licensed aesthetician, electrologist, and laser hair removal technician. Carissa is an Allergan Medical Institute CoolSculpting Trainer and has performed thousands of CoolSculpting procedures. Pure Aesthetics is proud to be the number one provider in the Gainesville area.

Carissa is passionate about helping people feel and look their very best. A lifelong student, she believes education eliminates fear and empowers healthy living. She loves teaching our clients so they can make informed, confident decisions. Carissa stays current on all new and upcoming procedures in the aesthetic field as well as continuing her education in Pure’s current services. She’s proud to offer a medical spa environment where clients feel safe, nurtured, and cared for.

Alison Walker

Name: Alison Walker
Position: Practice Manager
Biography: Alison is a Gainesville native and received her bachelor’s degree in business, master’s in mass communications and law degree from the University of Florida. Prior to joining the Pure Aesthetics® team, she had over 16 years of experience as an attorney and managing a local law firm and she looks forward to serving the same community that she loves in a new and different capacity with Pure. With a passion for promoting individual self-worth and empowering others to feel great about themselves, Alison devotes her time to constantly keep up with changing technology, learning new ways to offer the most advanced services while forming long lasting relationships with clients. Alison enjoys supporting the Pure team and their superior ability to provide exceptional services and have a positive influence on the members of our community.

Haley Ference

Name: Haley Ference
Position: Practice Manager
Biography: Haley grew up in Alachua County and continues to call Gainesville her home. She graduated from Santa Fe College in 2019 with her Bachelor of Science in Management with a minor in Human Resources. She also has 5+ years of experience in the management and administrative field. Haley has big plans to continue her education in aesthetics to ensure your Pure experience is perfect in and out of the treatment room! With Haley’s immense passion for the aesthetic industry and her continued education in business, you are sure to receive the best with your administrative experience.

Mary Hazan

Name: Mary Hazan
Position: Physician Assistant
Biography: Mary is a board certified Physician Assistant by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Nova Southeastern in 2001 and a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from UF in 1997. Mary has completed extensive advanced training in areas such as laser skin care, laser hair removal, dermal fillers, Botox and Dysport injections, chemical peels, and sclerotherapy. She has over eight years of experience with the Plastics and Vascular surgeons at UF Health, and over three years of experience at Accent Physicians.

Tracy Giordano

Name: Tracy Giordano
Position: Nurse Practitioner
Years experience: 12
Biography: Tracy is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. She received her bachelors degree in nursing from the University of Florida in 2002 and worked in intensive care until 2007, when she received her masters degree in nursing from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Prior to joining the Pure Aesthetics® team, she had over 11 years of experience in advanced injectables and considerable training in lasers and skincare.

Katie Pratt

Name: Katie Pratt
Position: Nurse Practitioner
Biography: Katie is a board certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board. She received her bachelor’s degree in nursing at the University of Florida in 2010 and worked in the pediatric intensive care unit until 2015, when she received a dual master’s degree in nursing in pediatric acute and primary care at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Katie’s love for aesthetics began to flourish as she realized just how important self care is for new mothers and women. This observation had such a positive reflection on the health of her patients and even in herself! Allowing self care can drastically change all aspects of one’s overall health and well being. Katie is a part of the experienced team of injectors at Pure Aesthetics® and has completed extensive training in areas such as laser, skin care, dermal fillers, Botox and Dysport injections, chemical peels, PRP rejuvenation, and products for all your aesthetic needs.

Lindsey Monaghan

Name: Lindsey Monaghan
Position: Aesthetician
Biography: Lindsey is a Gainesville native. She is a Licensed Aesthetician and provides the full spectrum of skincare services at Pure Aesthetics. Lindsey is also CoolSculpting Elite certified and received her Electrologist License from the Orlando Institute of Electrolysis in 2013. As a Licensed Aesthetician, certified Electrologist, Laser Hair Removal Specialist and CoolSculpting Elite provider, Lindsey ensures that her clients yield a unique and comfortable experience every time. With Lindsey’s experience and knowledge, you will leave feeling educated, relaxed and reassured that you are in good hands.

Carly Vejraska

Name: Carly Vejraska
Position: Aesthetician
Biography: Carly Vejraska is a Gainesville native. She received her Aesthetics license from the Florida College of Natural Health in Orlando in 2018. As a certified Facial Specialist, Carly strives to deliver results and exceed her client’s expectations with every treatment. She listens and advises using an educational approach to ensure that her clients reach their goals and feel comfortable in their skin.

Kelsey Cunningham

Name: Kelsey Cunningham
Position: Aesthetician
Biography: Kelsey received her Aesthetician License and Electrology License from the Beauty and Health Institute in Tampa, FL. She is state certified in Electrolysis and Laser and gained multiple certifications in modalities such as microneedling, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning and more. Kelsey has a passion to help others feel like the most beautiful version of themselves. She puts her passion to work everyday by helping clients reach their skin care goals.

Alex Hollingsworth

Name: Alex Hollingsworth
Position: Aesthetician
Biography: Alex spent nine years as a Human Resources Manager. Her passion for Aesthetics lead her to Pure. She started at Pure as Client Coordinator and Front Office Manager. She quickly realized that she wanted to further her education in Aesthetics and became and Licensed Aesthetician and Coolsculpting Elite Provider. Alex ensures that her clients feel nurtured, educated and reach their skincare goals.

Ariel Cotes

Name: Ariel Cotes
Position: Aesthetician
Biography: Ariel Cotes is Florida born and raised, and has called Gainesville her home for the past 5 years. She has a fervent love for health and beauty, from the inside out. As a mom of two, Ariel has come to know the importance of prioritizing self-care, leading her into a career that allows her to empower others to do the same. Ariel ensures that your time here at Pure Aesthetics® is nothing short of perfection.

Maggie Page

Name: Maggie Page
Position: Aesthetician
Biography: Maggie grew up in Ocala Florida, but has lived in Gainesville for the last eight years. Maggie received her Aesthetician License in 2021 from the Florida Dermal Institute in Longwood, FL and continued her education at Pure Aesthetics as a client coordinator. Maggie is now using her customer service experience along with her passion for helping clients feel comfortable and confident in their skin.

Caroline Durrance

Name: Caroline Durrance
Position: Aesthetician
Biography: Caroline is a North Florida native. She has been in the aesthetics field since 2020 and received her Aesthetician License at Florida Gateway College in 2022. Caroline has a deep passion for all things aesthetics, health and wellness, as well as a love for others so they feel assured and confident. She is devoted to exceeding expectations and ensuring the highest quality experience for each individual client.

Practice's answers

Answer Header & Date
Answer Snippet
Can my Botox be corrected or will I have to wait till it wears off for my uneven brows?
Uneven Brows
Jul 20, 2020
The good news is that this is a very easy fix. I would call your office for a follow up visit within two weeks following the injection. Your frontalis muscle above your brow is still lifting causing the "spooked brow" or one brow is stronger than the other so it lifts more making them uneven. Just a little touch up is all that is needed and then the injector will inject your next Botox injection pattern a little differently to compensate for uneven brows. I do tell people that each person's...
Can I get Botox at 4pm after having lip tattoo at 11am? (Same day)
Botox and Lip tattoo
Jul 20, 2020
Thank you for asking this question. With the rise of facial tattooing being popular this is a pertinent question to ask. Just as long as botox is not injected in the lips for a lip flip or around the mouth, you can have facial botox later in the day after the tattoo. Lip tattoo can cause swelling around the mouth so avoiding this area till swelling goes down is my suggestion. Hope this helps.
I'd love to get opinions about Sculptra vs. Radiesse in my cheeks to lift my jowls?
Sculptra Vs. Radiesse
Jul 20, 2020
This is a really good question that I get from several of my patients who are thinner and don't want the overfilled look but need volume. The answer to your question is BOTH. The reason I say both is because they work differently but yet work well together. You can start slow with Sculptra to stimulate your natural collegen then a few weeks later inject Radiesse for immediate but softer lift in smaller amounts. As the Sculptra starts to work several weeks to months later, Radiesse is...
Crow's Feet Not Completely Gone Post-Botox
Crow's feet Botox
Apr 30, 2020
Without a photo it is hard to give you a definitive answer, but usually it's one of three things. One, not enough Botox was used in the area. Two, there is muscle recruitment, meaning there is still some activity in parts of the muscle and they are working extra, creating the lines. Three, you may have a totally immobile muscle but volume loss in the area, which could use a little filler to soften the lines. I usually start with Botox around the eyes and then evaluate the need for more...
What can I do to minimise my prominent nasolabial folds and sunken cheeks long term?
Sunken cheeks
Apr 30, 2020
I agree that Bellafill would be a good option, or Sculptra. Both are much longer lasting than traditional HLA fillers. Fat grafting could be another good option. I would probably consult with a plastic surgeon just to get all of your options on the table.
Good luck with your treatment!

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