Plastic Surgeon Doctor Michael E. Decherd, MD, FACS in San Antonio, Texas 78209

Name: Michael E. Decherd, MD, FACS
Last name: Decherd
Gender: male
Began aesthetic medicine in: 2004
Years experience: 16
Primary Specialty: Plastic Surgeon
Business: San Antonio Plastic Surgery Institute
Address: 414 West Sunset
Address suite: Ste. 215
Phone: (210) 361-7247
International phone number: +12103617247
City: San Antonio
State: Texas
Zip Code: 78209
Country: US
Statement: Dr. Michael Decherd, is a fourth-generation Texas doctor who chose plastic surgery because he enjoys helping people look and feel their best. He believes when patients make the decision to have plastic surgery, they take a personal journey, which he considers a privilege to take with them.
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Consultation note: Please mention when you call or email the office
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Clinical Privileges
  • Christus Santa Rosa Hospital – San Antonio, TX, Alamo Heights Surgical Center – San Antonio, TX, Methodist Hospital (San Antonio, TX)
  • Undergraduate: BS in Electrical Engineering, University of Texas, Austin
  • Medical: MD, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Postdoc Training
  • Internship: General Surgery, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston
  • Residencies:
  • Plastic Surgery, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  • Otolaryngology, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston
Member of
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)

Michael E. Decherd, MD, FACS

Board Certification
Michael Edward Decherd (ABMSUID -75042)

Viewed: 8/14/2008
Day of birth:

Status: Alive
Certification: American Board of Otolaryngology
Otolaryngology – General

Status: Certified
Active Time-Limited Initial Certification:
5/19/2003 – 6/3/2013
American Board of Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery – General

Status: Certified
Active Time-Limited Initial Certification: 11/11/2006 – 12/31/2016
Education: 1997 MD (Doctor of Medicine)
Location: 540 Madison Oak Dr 600 SteSan Antonio, TX 78258-3924 (United States)

GPS coordinates on map: 29.425,-98.49369812

Primary location
Location name: San Antonio
State: TX
Country: US
Map point: 29.425,-98.49369812
  • Arm Lift
  • Belly Button Surgery
  • Botox
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Implant Removal
  • Breast Implant Revision
  • Breast Implants
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Lift with Implants
  • Breast Reduction
  • Brow Lift
  • Butt Augmentation
  • Chin Liposuction
  • Deep Plane Facelift
  • Ear Surgery
  • Earlobe Surgery
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Facelift
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  • Forehead Lift
  • Juvederm
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Liposculpture
  • Liposuction
  • Mini Tummy Tuck
  • Mohs Surgery
  • Mommy Makeover
  • Natrelle Breast Implants
  • Neck Lift
  • Nipple Surgery
  • Nose Surgery
  • Revision Rhinoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty
  • SkinPen
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Tummy Tuck Revision

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  • Tummy Tuck (Sep 2020) – 5/5
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Tummy Tuck Prices

  • $8700 – Dec 21, 2017 – San Antonio, TX
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  • $7059 – Jun 4, 2015 – San Antonio

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  • $14070 – Nov 26, 2018
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  • $6000 – Jun 2020

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  • $5600 – May 2020 – San Antonio, TX

Breast Implants Prices

  • $5873 – Apr 22, 2019 – San Antonio, TX
  • $9500 – Sep 4, 2014 – San Antonio, TX

Breast Lift with Implants Prices

  • $9000 – Jun 1, 2015 – San Antonio, TX

Kybella Prices

  • $1200 – Jan 26, 2016 – San Antonio, TX

Rhinoplasty Prices

  • $5540 – Nov 2019 – San Antonio, TX

Doctor’s answers

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Do I need a Tummy Tuck or BBL?
your tummy
Sep 23, 2020
See how the skin is loose and hanging? Lipo does not deal with skin, and so it will not change that. So Tummy tuck is likely a better option for you.

Tummy tuck also tightens the muscles!

Good luck!

Can my botched liposuction be fixed?
Your Tummy
Sep 22, 2020
Honestly I would start thinking about an abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck. That will remove most or all of that scar and depressed area. I don’t think messing around with fat grafting is ever going to get you back to where you were.

Good Luck!

I read the pocket for a breast implant should be 1/3 larger than the implant. Is this true acros
Implant pocket size
Sep 18, 2020
Hi! i have never heard that, but I DO like to have extra room in the pocket up top. I do NOT want the pocket too wide. I feel that their is a fascial border that determines the lateral extent of the pocket. If that is violated the implant can fall to the side the you lie down. And I like the implant width to match the breast base width, so I do NOT want that part a third wider! Also, if a surgeon likes anatomic implants than the pocket cannot be bigger or they can rotate.

Good Luck!

What can be done for my breasts to sit higher and closer?
Your Implants
Sep 11, 2020
Likely you could benefit from wider implants, although some of it depends on your anatomy. If there is room the wider implants can help erase the cleavage gap.

Good Luck!

This is what I want, but wondering about size of implant and profile of implant I should get? (p
Your Goals
Sep 1, 2020
Hi! Yes looking at your wish pic and seeing you want a higher nipple position, you probably need a lift! As far as the implant, I match the with of the implant to the width of the woman. You then select low, medium, or high profile. The volume is determined by the with and the profile.

Good Luck!

How can I fix my boob scars, lift boobs, and get roundness back? I hate the way the whole implan
Your breasts
Jul 10, 2020
Why would someone wanting to be smaller get an implant?  I think you maybe got bad advice…Given that you already have the scars, I think redoing the lift (and removing the implant) can fix a lot of the stuff you do not like. Make sure you find someone that you are comfortable with.Good Luck!
I’m scared to do a lift because of scarring! I would also like a large implant around 600cc. Any
Augmentation / Mastopexy
Jun 17, 2020
Hard to totally tell from a picture but probably you do need a lift.  AS far as the volume, I like to match the width of the implant to the width of the woman…then she hets to decide low, medium, or high profile implants.As far as the lift, the scars usually do well over time.  For me most of our postop pics are still pretty early…but sometimes the long term ones really do look great.  But of course…you can’t get something for nothing.  All lifts will have some scarring.Good Luck!
Is a 450CC implant too big for my body? Also concerned about additional stretch marks
BW and your implant
Jun 17, 2020
So I never “recommend” an implant…the concept, IMO, is to match the width of the implant to the width of the woman.  Then it is HER choice whether to pick low, medium, or high profile implants.  In Allergan implants, a BW of 12 would get 445 cc in the Extra High Profile silicone implant…so I would be concerned that  you are headed (as you put it) for chesty overload.  Based on your tone I would guess more like the Medium profile wis what you might be looking for…Good Luck!
Do doctors in Texas (San Antonio, Austin, Houston) accept a breast exam via ultrasound or thermo
Jun 9, 2020
Look there is no law that says you have to have a mammogram.  It is recommended, and certainly lots and lots of women have implants and get mammograms, but if you want to proceed without one, that is your choice.  You could also do the capsulectomies and get a mammogram later, as well.Good luck!
I’m 5’3 and 110 lbs. Would 485ccs give me breasts with more volume that aren’t huge and distract
Which Implant?
Jun 5, 2020
So when women say they want to look natural, what I think they really mean is that they do not want to look UN-natural…the key in my opinion is matching the width of the implant to he width of the woman (base diameter of the breast).  There is a 485 in both medium and full profile implants…You have hips and so a properly selected implant ought to give you a nice result and more of an hourglass figure!Good luck!
Enough skin laxity for full tummy tuck with low incision?
Your tummy
Jun 5, 2020
You look like you would do great!  That smooth upper abdominal skin would take over most of the abdomen…You should het a very nice result!Good Luck!
Currently a 34 B. Will 475 cc saline high profile get me to a D?
Your Breast Aug
May 2, 2020
Why is 475 too big?  Based on what criteria?I match the base width of the implant to the width of the woman….at that point it is your choice for low, medium, high, or extra high profile.  The actual cc’s is a function of the width (a wider implant will need more volume by definition).And why saline? I find that given a educated choice 99% of my patients prefer silicone…Good luck!
Do I have an underdisected pocket? Advice?
Your Implants
Apr 29, 2020
It looks like they are riding a little high.  Probably they can be lowered without too much effort. Good Luck!
How many millimeters or centimeters can the areola be reduced in size with a donut lift?
Areolar reduction
Mar 29, 2020
So a donut mastopexy is basically a bad operation, IMO.  You are sewing a big circle to a small circle.  The more of a mismatch, the worse the scar.  So if it is minor, the scar is OK, but why do all that work plus add a scar for a minor change?  When you do a real lift, you buy a vertical scar but now make the circle a 1:1 ratio, so the scar quality is better.  And the vertical scar usually does well over time.I hope this helps!  Good luck!
Does a substantial diastasis recti and an umbilical hernia make it more difficult to repair my b
Tummy with diastasis and hernia
Mar 3, 2020
Nah. We find that ll the time.  The more diastasis we can tighten the better the result!  With an umbilical hernia sometimes the unbiased has a higher chance of healing problems, but it is not usually a big deal.Good luck!

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